Blood Moon Falls

Blood Moon Falls

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Yui was tired. Tired of always having to the blood bag. The triplets in the morning,Shuu in the afternoon, and Reiji at night. Subaru was the unpredictable one. Not that any of them cared. If she collapsed they would just mock and ridicule her.

"Oi Bitch-Chan!" Laito's voice came from behind the door. "Reiji wants you to come down for dinner."

Yui sighed. "I'll be there, just give me a minute please."

"Okay." Yui heard Laito's footsteps get farther away. Then she fell down on her bed.

"Aren't you tired yet?" Yui looked around,her eyes falling on a white haired woman standing near the window.

"Who are you?" Yui asked.

"I am Karlheinzez third wife and the mother if Subaru, Christa Sakamaki."

"Christa?" Yui exclaimed. "But,didn't Subaru imprison you?"

Christa snickered softly."I will tell you about it later. Right now, you should leave."

"But how?" Yui looked at the woman."They're all downstairs."

Christa gently stroked the girl's head. " Why not try the window?"



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                              And oh Reina and Kaneko reminded me of Reiji and Kanato oue
                              Lolz I just thought of it lol. Also Christa and Yui would be great buddies.
                              (srry can't stand my awkwardness)