Crowned As His : a Jaspar AU

Crowned As His : a Jaspar AU

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Being a servant is a lot of work, especially if you fall in love with the prince. 

Joe Sugg learned this the hard way. 



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Grey-Quotations101 Grey-Quotations101 Oct 03, 2017
Haha he is stuttering from looking at Joe and seeing how attractive he is
colorful565 colorful565 Jul 01, 2016
I keep rereading because I don't have a Fücking life as @not_a_writer_really @AnnaLovesJaspar and @_sliveczqa_ know
obsessedxfangirl obsessedxfangirl Oct 17, 2016
the description of this story literally just makes me think of Merlin oops
_sliveczqa_ _sliveczqa_ Jun 14, 2016
And at least I'm nor the only one that thinks Caspar's suttering over Joe's look
RaptorAtel RaptorAtel Feb 28, 2016
Awww, I love how he speaks so formally, but is trying to be more casual for Joe
Thatgirlthatships Thatgirlthatships Apr 02, 2016
I'm just imagining Caspar is stuttering from how beautiful Joe is