Sasuke's Baby Sister

Sasuke's Baby Sister

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Zia Wish By shadowrelease Updated Feb 14

[Warning: This story contains vernacular  language and violence]

He thought he was alone. 

Itachi killed them all and left him suffering alone.  

But little did he knew that he wasn't the last one of his clan (that he loves), nor that Itachi was not as cold hearted as everyone thought.

He would soon find the person that he loved most in this world was alive and he would protect her with his life.

Sasuke will find his baby sister.

Just remember that nothing lasts for ever, not even happiness.

*starts to dig a grave with flowers in hand, while there is a stone in front that says 'Hidan, born at some time and died today.'
Oh yeah? Walk, eat, sleep, talk, clap, play, treat her like a dog,...
Ladanceuse Ladanceuse Sep 11
'No body knows' meaning a line of Fangirls waiting at his door though...
"Hand mouth" for a second i though it like changed to Deidara's pov and I was like wait recap wtf
Exactly. If it weren't for him you would've never known she was alive at all! 🤗
My cousin literally passed by me and told me that right before I read that sentence.