Elena Mikaelson- The Vampire Diaries

Elena Mikaelson- The Vampire Diaries

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Alyssa By QueenLizzie010 Updated Mar 12

Klaus wasn't planning on taking the little doppelganger. His car just happened to break down right in front of the Gilbert household, and he needed to call Rebekah. He knocked on the door. "Hello, I'm really sorry, my car just broke down and my batteries dead. Do you have a phone I could use?" Klaus asked, gesturing to the car that was now smoking from the hood. "Yes, of course, come in." She replied sweetly. The house reeked of Vervain.

A little brunette was running around and just happened to run into him. The doppelganger. She looked up with curiosity at the stranger, never having seen him before. She knew she should apologize, but she also  knew not to talk to strangers. "Elena, don't run!" She scolded. "I apologize, she's a little energetic." The woman, Miranda, told him. He noted that she wasn't wearing Vervain.  She handed him the landline and walked into the kitchen to start dinner.

"Sorry Mister." The little girl, Elena, apologized. "I'm sorry too, cutie." Klaus told her. Hi...

200618sep 200618sep Jun 27, 2016
I know,maybe the author was just not paying attention or he/she was tired.😁
Emmalee2123 Emmalee2123 May 16, 2016
Your story was the best story I've ever read please please update so I can read some more of that awesome story please update
kmegahr16 kmegahr16 Jul 21, 2016
Ok so Elenas parents were compelled to forget her but what about everyone else in town? Or John Gilbert? Or all of her things that were left behind plus all the pictures? Also, the vampire council would know they were compelled if they couldn't remember their own daughter. Just curious.
Porcelaindoll19 Porcelaindoll19 Aug 01, 2016
Dialogue should be in different paragraphs. Such as; 
                              "Hey" klaus smiled sweetly. 
                              "Hey." I said back to him. 
                              Just an example I'm not good at explaining but ya. Still a good story though.