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It's Bittersweet (OHSHC Fanfic)

It's Bittersweet (OHSHC Fanfic)

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Ellie By Drowning_out_sound Updated Jan 05

Years ago, there was a scandal in the Haninozuka family. One of the family members was disowned for abusing the Haninozuka style and taking training to dangerous extremes. He swore to get his revenge on the family before leaving.  It has been fourteen years since then and the scandal has been forgotten. Even by Mitsukuni Haninozuka himself, the next head of the family, but there is one person who can't forget. It's been drilled into her head since she was five years old. Ami's family sold her to a stranger for 10,000 yen and three packs of cigarettes. That Stranger  taught her many different fighting styles including the Haninozuka style, the style belonging to the family that had disowned him. He forced her to become stronger, better then anyone else. In the hopes that one day she would defeat the next head of the Haninozuka family and become the head herself, with him as her advisor. 
       Wanting nothing to do with the Haninozukas or there brutal ways, Ami ran from her sensei. She found work as a maid to a powerful family but after only two short years, the people she had come to consider as parents, died leaving her there company and all there money on the condition that she goes to a school of their choosing. Ami agrees and finds herself in front of the prestigious Ouran Academy.  All she wants is to keep her head down and blend in but when she finds a plush pink bunny abandoned on the ground she picks it up without a thought hoping to find it's owner. Little did she know that the cute toy belonged to her sworn enemy, Mitsukuni Haninozuka.  Can Honey prove to Ami that he is nothing like her sensei?

YAY I HAVE A STUFFED ANIMAL ELEPHANT!!!! Seriously though I have like 14 stuffed elephants and one puppet and I get one elephant for every year of my life.
insert Tamaki obnoxious voice*.....*cough*Its an elite club with handsome young men who...
                              Me:*zones him out*
Ok I already love this story I would never have came up with gummy bear gods
2004dc11 2004dc11 Jan 17
Second time reading this and i still find the concept of gummy bear gods amazing... even if i love to eat those gummy bear gods
EmoTigerLovesYou EmoTigerLovesYou Oct 31, 2016
A brothel filled with male prostitutes 😂 
                              The more you know
Just from reading the description it reminds me of throne of Glass