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Stepfather (Peterick)

Stepfather (Peterick)

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IXEL631 By ixel631 Completed

Pete's POV 

I hate my father's dinner parties. Well I think hate isn't even a strong word, more like abhor them. Fake laughs around the room, people pretending to like each other. And the music is worse I have nothing against the violin, but the way these musicians play it makes me want to go to sleep.

The only reason my dad is even having this dinner party is so he can introduce or more like brag about his new fiance. I haven't even met him yet, what surprised me was my father was going to marry a guy that wasn't of our class. There is nothing wrong being middle class, but my father is those who you see with famous, rich, and beautiful people.

I wonder how long this marriage will last. This will be the fourth marriage of my father. He can't seem to find the one, ever since my mom died. 

What I found amusing out of this party was that the two women and the one man my father married are all here placed in the same table. They been arguing on who was the best wife or husband out of t...

cheezwhizinmyheart cheezwhizinmyheart Sep 04, 2016
                              I'm dead inside
ArtemisUnicorn ArtemisUnicorn Jul 08, 2016
THANKS PETE BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA *Notices everyone staring as I use my maniacal laugh*... heheheheheheh
Patrick-Is-Fedorable Patrick-Is-Fedorable Sep 05, 2016
Dear my smol bean,
                              Please, we all know you're way younger than Pete, that's why you're my smol bean
Patrick-Is-Fedorable Patrick-Is-Fedorable Sep 05, 2016
*goes insane due to broken fangirl dial* OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD
fobsessed1 fobsessed1 Aug 13, 2016
i know this girl named jessica and she's exactly how you just described her