Crazed [Eclipse Fan-Fiction] [3]

Crazed [Eclipse Fan-Fiction] [3]

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Ever since Jade's move to Forks, life had never settled down into a steady normal pace for long, so why should it now? A big problem looms in the ever monstrous town of forks, the newborn army. Jade needs to uncover what the newborns are truly after, and why they've settled in Seattle, all while trying to lure the wild haired Victoria into a trap of pain, where Jade will get her prompted revenge. Vampire or not, Jade's life never seems to cease in excitement. 

(From the story)
"You won't get this again Victoria. You want her dead. You want to kill her!" I yelled, and pointed to Bella. Riley jumped forward trying to beat Seth. It was clear he would. 

"You won't get the chance to kill me. You won't get the chance to turn me to ash. You won't get the chance to kill my mate. Not again." I swore, and Edward snarled at my words. She stared at me. 

"James wanted me. That killed you. Didn't it?" I questioned now, the craze settling in my head for once, and causing this sick part of me to escape. 

"He wanted me, he wanted me for his mate. What really were you to him? Sneaky, good for his game. Perhaps that mate ideal, meant nothing." I stated, and she snarled fiercely causing Bella to hide into Edward. She took off at me.

I do not own the Twilight series, all credit goes to Stephenie Meyer the author of the series.  However I do own Jade Peters, and all dialogue created by her, and all commentary and thoughts the character provides, along with any other characters not related to the original version.
This story is based off both the book, and movie. Sentence, and scenes are used from the original.  I do not own anything related to the original work by Stephenie Meyer they are used for the sole purpose of understanding the close role Jade plays in the family,Jade is an added addition, meant to enhance the story.


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