Black Butler: His Guardian Angel !Under Editing!

Black Butler: His Guardian Angel !Under Editing!

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Iri-Chan (Iridescent) By TheOneYouCallKouhai Updated Jan 29, 2017

!Under heavy editing due to new manga chapters, plot twists, and background story changes that have affected my story hugely! 


"Nova Astrophel?" Ciel asked me tilting his head slightly. 

"Yes," I said nodding confirming his question.

"That's, well, to put it simply quite a beautiful name. I hope it fits you. A nuclear explosion in a white dwarf star. That must mean I'm in for a surprise. But, I'm not surprised easily," he said with confidence a smirk accompanying his face.

"I'll just have to work hard to then," I said smiling.


Ciel Phantomhive, the head of the Phantomhive manor, has a butler. But not just any butler. A butler who is a demon. On the same day, he gets the demon he receives something else. Something he should never give away. A girl. A certain girl possessing the name Nova Astrophel. Who may have non-normal qualities. Qualities that draw Ciel closer and closer to her. Maybe changing into something more than just friendship.

Ciel and Nova...

This is their story...

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