HAIKYUU!! x READER |Completed/Editing|

HAIKYUU!! x READER |Completed/Editing|

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TsukkiLuvsU By TsukkiLuvsU Completed

|||I own nothing from the manga or anime of Haikyuu!!, all rights reserved to the respectful owners!I ALSO I DO NOT OWN THE COVER PHOTO|||

I am not going to lie... half of these are about my beautiful Tsukishima Kei... and I have A LOT. So don't say I didn't warn you (*'꒳'*) Should probably just rename this Tsukishima Kei x Reader w/ occasional other characters haha 😂. 
But anyway this is just a whole bunch of one shots that I chose to write or was requested to write.
These imagines are cliche AF! So don't hate! 
And alsoooo please excuse any misspellings, grammatical errors and just plain mistakes because I'm an idiot and that stuff happens. Ha. Anywaaaaayy... Have fun reading and please enjoy and love Haikyuu!! !


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Yay! Tsukki lovers! He's so salty, yet like me. Pfft, Saltyshima~ NEW BEST FRIENDSSSSS
sunh0bi sunh0bi Oct 26, 2016
Tendou x Reader 
                              plot: Him being a creep on his cute girlfriend and showing how overprotective he is with other guys (they go to the same school)
sanderella-chan sanderella-chan Aug 24, 2016
Bokuto X Reader, where Bokuto likes the reader but thinks Kuroo and her are dating, when really they just cousins😂👌
scratchmybaek scratchmybaek Aug 24, 2016
Kuroo x Reader were reader is brokotu's brother and he is jokingly against it👌😂
SmolSatan SmolSatan Aug 24, 2016
                              they platonically move in together but but all fall in love sooner or later. So a polyamory relationship starts....
yourneighbourhoodgay yourneighbourhoodgay Dec 24, 2016
U-um, I was wondering if you do ships from the anime or just x readers? If not that's f-fine