Neurotic | Riren

Neurotic | Riren

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Attiyyah By Shingeki_no_attiyyah Updated Jun 29

After failing his mathematics course, Eren Yeager decides to take private tuitions with a substitute teacher, named Levi Ackerman.

Levi, tauntingly quiet with what he does, begins to silently suffer with the world, and finds himself trapped in the spotlight, and eventually gets classed as a crazed, distraught man.

After witnessing a dose from what his teacher is really like, Eren is already locked within Levi's problems, and has no way of getting out unless he does what Levi commands him to do. Trauma seems to be Eren's neighbour, minding its own business but really, taking its toll on the boy's open mind whenever it has the chance.

Finding microscopic cameras in your room, hearing a familiar voice each time you reach your front door and having your teacher sexually harass you after school hours. 

Eren didn't ask for any of it.


Mature themes/mental horror/bad language/sex.

I would have left after my mom said we have to wait 1 more hour
YellowCoconut07 YellowCoconut07 2 days ago
He needs to know what angle to put that d in tho. How to convert inches.
My English teacher has forced a kid to wear a sticky note I'm his face all day because he was chewing gum in class
glitterfair glitterfair Apr 26 I feel sry for Mikasa
                              Because when this happens to me, I feel like killing the person and jumping em
Ereri_Freak Ereri_Freak May 17
When I stayed over at the hospital for my friends surgery, IT WAS FUCKIN FRREEZING
I fell asleep in class but managed to wake myself up and it's not good if you sit at the front of the class 😞
                              But my teacher is nice so if I do, she just tells me to go to bed earlier 😄 so lucky!