**ON HOLD** Forced into Sex by My Vampire Master. (Extremely R Rated)

**ON HOLD** Forced into Sex by My Vampire Master. (Extremely R Rated)

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VampireWhore By VampireWhore Updated Oct 12

I could suddenly feel a pair of eyes on me.. Turning around, There was no one there, but the feeling still didn't go away. What an amazing idea to walk home in the dark alone. Just perfect.

He stood, In the darkest corner he could find, Knowing full well that she wouldn't be able to see him, But just looking at her, He could tell that he'd enjoy breaking the stupid little human. He'd use her for all his needs. Every.Single.One.Of.Them.

As he thought about the things he could do, He started to notice something growing under his hand, Rubbing it roughly over his jean's, He continued to think about the stupid little human begging for mercy at his hands... and how he would never grant it...

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Just starting to read this story. Like it after just the first page
KimTracey KimTracey Mar 23
I'm thinking maybe her brother has a lot to do with this story but I like it so far
Rebeca66757 Rebeca66757 Jan 24
I think it has something to do with the little girl... Maybe
Whoever is reading this, this is what a good author dose! Knowing that their story is not for everyone and gives a warning. I thank you author and look forward to reading your story.
Thetrademarkkid Thetrademarkkid Mar 30, 2015
interesting! liking this so far. few errors but the story is definitely there. 
HanerJoy HanerJoy Jun 04, 2013
This is very interesting :) Update soon :) I want to read more :)