Forced - Kidnapped By A Vampire Master ~ Book 1  (Extremely R Rated)

Forced - Kidnapped By A Vampire Master ~ Book 1 (Extremely R Rated)

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Since she stepped out of the train station, She could feel a pair of eyes on her. Managing to ignore it until she walked onto her street, She turned quickly, In hopes of catching whatever creep was watching her, But no one was there. In that moment, She mentally slapped herself for deciding to travel home by herself instead of getting a lift from one her co-workers.  
  He backed away into the shadows, Out of sight. He watched her, Knowing full well what he was planning on doing. Just by looking at her, He could tell she was a fighter and he was going to enjoy breaking her.  He was going to use her for all his needs, And there wasn't a damn thing she could do to stop him.
  As he thought about all the things he was going to do, He noticed his erection, Rubbing his hand over it, He moaned as he continued to think about how he was going to destroy her to the point of begging for mercy.. but how he would never, ever grant it. 
  Please note; This story does contain graphically detailed chapters of Sex and at times sexual abuse and rape. You have been warned!

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  • murder
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Alphasub1987 Alphasub1987 Jun 06, 2016
Just starting to read this story. Like it after just the first page
KittyKat060412 KittyKat060412 Jan 22, 2016
Whoever is reading this, this is what a good author dose! Knowing that their story is not for everyone and gives a warning. I thank you author and look forward to reading your story.