The Alpha's Mate Is A Stripper.

The Alpha's Mate Is A Stripper.

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Blakley Anderson was always the happy go lucky prankster of her pack when she was younger, she had never really cared to find her mate or really anything else that had to do with being a 'werewolf' because well, she wasn't really a werewolf at all. Although, as far as her pack was concerned she was just a late bloomer who had never shifted in front of their eyes. But in all reality she could shift before most of the kids her age; she just wasn't allowed to let them see her true form, one that was most definitely NOT a wolf.

But there was an uproar happening in the werewolf world when small groups of rogue wolves began taking un-mated female's and doing whatever it is they wanted with them, and Blakley just so happened to be one of those females. But luckily for her, her captures used their females as eye candy for human males, forcing them to make them loads of money by stripping. 

But on one fateful night an Alpha of a pack not so far away pays a visit to the club and sets his eyes on the one and only; Blakley Anderson.

                   ""This story will contain a lot of strong language & Some sexual content.""

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imaginethisndthat imaginethisndthat Jul 19, 2016
This is a good book but my teacher name is Mr,Ketchum so this made it weird💓😂
Tayluv39 Tayluv39 Jan 18
That is messed up that he thinks she is trash she has been through alot
How romantic! He really knows how to take a girl on a date! By knocking her out and kidnapping.
AbiiiN AbiiiN Jan 24, 2016
I love the theme of the book so far, some more description could he put here and there, but the stories awesome anyways XD