First Arrow (Jacob Black) [1]

First Arrow (Jacob Black) [1]

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Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Jazmine returns to La Push, but this time it's forever. She knows a few people, only from visiting ever since she was a kid. There's only one person in particular that her heart is set on seeing, her life long friend (and crush) Jacob Black. The two had grown up together, playing in the backyard, climbing the trees on the edge of the woods, even wrestling in the mud.

What happens when Jazmine learns about her family's past and when the boy she's known for years turns out to be more than she ever thought?

(New Moon)

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Kitty_rem Kitty_rem Jul 31
that damn impala shows up in almost every book I read...🤣
DEAN  WINCHESTER yaaaaayyyy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Really? Huh, I guess you really do learn something everyday.
Lol before I read this I was going to ask how anger was an ability
NotMyself24 NotMyself24 Nov 25, 2016
Yeah, a lot of this is going to relate to Teen Wolf. Some of it is just pure what kind of creature can I bring in next though
whyteflower whyteflower Dec 21, 2016
Why the hell does she have knives in her closet!!! She only just found out!! Darn im scared