Forced Sensation~[Yoon Jin Smut]

Forced Sensation~[Yoon Jin Smut]

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=Bipolar Potato=(Mochi) By DesYoon-Gi Completed

"Hey, it should be fun." Namjoon reassured, his hand on the not-to-happy brown-haired male's shoulder, as he gave his signature "Just go with it" smile.
Namjoon and the others were supposed to be going to Seoul for the weekend and we're to leave Jin and Yoongi home alone. Jin was not too fond of the idea of spend a whole weekend with (socially-detached) Yoongi, but he'd just have to put up with it.

"OK." he responded, with the outmost certainty he would have a shitty-ass weekend.

"Don't worry we'll just be gone for 2 days" Hope said, giving Jin a hard slap on the back. "You will be missed" He patted Jin's shoulder.
By now, everyone was out the door except (completely random) Jimin.

"If he tries something funny...." Jimin walked towards him."Call the police, and we'll understand " Jimin whispered, throwing a mean glare Yoongi's way, although not being returned.

Jin wasn't paying much attention to Jimin's meaningless advice, only giving slight nods if necessary. He was to busy star...

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