Hidden In The Shadows Levi X Reader AU

Hidden In The Shadows Levi X Reader AU

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AmzyAwesomeness By AmzyAckerAwesomeness Updated Jul 06

You were always that shy girl hidden in the shadows. Never acknowledged never noticed...

Hi I'm (Y/N) (L/N) and I go to Survey Corps High School. I'm a shy and quiet person, I'm always hidden. Or so I thought...

This is my first story and my first fan fiction!!! Please
 excuse me for any errors and I hope you enjoy the story!

I do not own Attack on Titan or anything it contains!

Cover by @fareastnearnorth

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Pfft black flats? Shouldve been white so theres not TOO much black in one outit, it couldve supported the white shirt. Smh...who AM i?
Ronny_knox Ronny_knox Aug 06
Thank god my school doesnt have uniforms i hate skirts or dresses
*is so sleep deprived that I accidentally go on wattpad and look up Honey Nut Yurios and ingest the fan fiction knowledge instead*
Slushi_Cats Slushi_Cats Aug 27
Tomorrow is actually the day that it begins for me 😂😂😂
-kmjin -kmjin Apr 08
*glad I don't deal with this problem anymore* *even though in college*
hoere_ hoere_ Feb 15
My school fricking starts at 7:20! My bus gets here at 6:10! I HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 5 AM SO I CAN SHOWER AND LOOK DECENT! WTFFFF