Little Boy | larry

Little Boy | larry

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lyssa By hairyharryy Updated Jun 23, 2016

In which Louis, a freshman, falls for Harry, a senior.


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Cover by wastethenjght

Maggie862 Maggie862 Jul 19, 2016
A crazy fangirl can go so undercover we don't know ourself and we stalk better than the fb I and secret servi
Lashton_and_Larry Lashton_and_Larry Jul 23, 2016
They are only called that in French class in my school. It's called a warm-up in all my other classes
flowercrownlarrys flowercrownlarrys Nov 17, 2016
Or you could just take out a loose leaf paper and then put it in your journal later
larryorhouis larryorhouis Jul 30, 2016
With that white piece of hair color on the side from when Louis went out for Halloween and he showed up like that the day after. (2 years in a row)
larryroleplayonly larryroleplayonly Sep 18, 2016 girlfriend calls me smol..... and I'm only 2 inches shorter than her
QueenStylinson424 QueenStylinson424 Aug 01, 2016
Harry: I'm making all y'all bitches wet just by doin this face 😏