The Grouchy Neko  |Ereri/Riren|(Boyxboy)

The Grouchy Neko |Ereri/Riren|(Boyxboy)

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Lonely Trash By _Sinful_ScrubLord_ Updated Nov 13, 2016

Levi was a lonely abused Neko ever since he was caught into a cage that locked him away from the world for ten months.
He thought negatively of everything and never felt empathy for other beings.
That is until he met a boy with teal eyes, that rescued him from his misery.
Will Levi get along with this new human? Or will he end up in that cage again?

Update twist:Levi can turn human at anytime, and Eren can't recognize him.
And the thing is..Eren works at a gay strip bar.

Warning: contains yaoi no nosebleeds on my watch,
Or hanji's.

(Book has been continued, yes motherfuckers, I'm back.)
*face of regret*

Disclaimer: no I don't own Shingeki No Kyojin (Weaboo much?) wish I did own such a fine art but no I don't. 

And if you're a  homophobe get off of wattpad please.
Have a nice day.

(Currently persuading my short friend to help me edit this shit.)

(He still wont, and i think he fucked my pencil ;-;)

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