But His Lips Lock (Tre Brooks)

But His Lips Lock (Tre Brooks)

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Melly By TheyFavoriteJhitt Updated Jul 05, 2016

Meme POV
This is the worst week of my life. My mom just moved here (Detroit) and I know nobody here. I miss my squad👌.School starts tomorrow and I'm really nervous it's my first day of high school. I hope there is somebody I can get cool with.

Mom:Get of your phone and go to bed, you got school tomorrow
Me: OK

The next day
My alarm rung playing my favorite song. You kine by DJ Khaled. 
I got up and did my hygiene. I put on (the outfit in mm). And went downstairs. 
Mom: Have a great day Meme
I walked to the bus and found a seat next to this girl.
Kayla: Hey I'm Markayla but my friends call me kayla
Me:Why do they call you that
Kayla:Cause nobody can pronounce the R In Markayla
Me: *Lol*
Kayla:You new
Me:Yeah I just moved here Friday, I'm from Florida. 
Smiley: Oh
We made a stop and this fine boy with braces and curly hair got on. I was staring. He sat dead in font of us.
Kayla: You like him Don't you?
Me:*starts blushing* Yeah
*Kayla taps him on the shoulder, he turns arou...

neveahboo2000 neveahboo2000 Aug 22, 2016
My futur wife likes me 😂😂😂 I would have been embarrassed as a MF mane