All The Roads You Took Came Back To Me

All The Roads You Took Came Back To Me

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Lou By iPsychoShip Updated Apr 15

Her mind was clouded; everything was a blur except for him, except for his expert lips intimately moving against hers. 
Maybe she doesn't know how she got where she is now with him and maybe she doesn't know where this is heading either - it might just be headed for a downfall, they might just be heading for an abyss - but she does know that having him this close to her felt right. And he might just be worth the risk, worth the fall. 
It definitely was not a mistake that they met tonight because maybe she's just as intrigued with him as he is with her. 

~AlDub Pa More!!! totally did not expect myself to be caught up writing a fanfic about them, i mean i'm a big fan, but i never imagined myself writing fanfic for a local ship, so this is definitely knew for me. the ship has sailed, so they say, and i am aboard it. TagLish because sometimes the dialogues are best delivered in Filipino.
This is completely au, too. Like really, au and maybe a little ooc (?). haha
Also, this is no way affiliated or based off on Maroon 5's song Maps, which is where I got the title from, it was just that it was the best title i could come up with. 
Multi-chapter, about 7-10 parts long, i dunno, we'll see when i finally finished writing, yeah? 
Ct Yes! Magazine and Mark Nicdao for the cover. It's theirs, just grabbed it off the internet. 


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NovaMarieViloria NovaMarieViloria Jan 30, 2016
Hey, this is good! Hopefully you'll continue to write this.. Been readind aldub fanfics lately and this is really interesting...
biscotti2016 biscotti2016 Feb 07, 2016
Kiss agad, first meeting! yay, I LIkE It!!! Life is a big adventure, taking risk and living the moments!😜
mackiepotatoes mackiepotatoes Nov 09, 2016
Nakakaloka.  Nakabitin yung paghinga ko sa paghintay ng sagot mo Meng. hihihi. Prologue palang kaabang abang na.. :)