Zodiac Story ~ The Chaos Flat

Zodiac Story ~ The Chaos Flat

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Hello there, Wattpad-readers! This story is about three brothers, who move into an old flat which is called "The Chaos Flat". They soon find out why the place is called Chaos, as they meet with the other Zodiac Signs. 

This is about the stereotypes of the Zodiac, or at least, everything I know about them, based on horoscopes, internet stuff, more horoscopes and real-life experiences. It's one, long story, no one shots - which I might do later, possibly.
 Daily updates, as long as I can keep that up! All that I can do now, is hope you'll read, vote, comment and enjoy this!! Have fun reading!

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Yeah, I know Zodiac Story isn't an offical genre, but well, you can look it up and stuff. At least, I look it up. Definitely not to check the rank of this story. Nope. Absolutely not. Heh.

Sylmarils Sylmarils Nov 02, 2016
I love Taurus in this book. This is the only book with a Taurus male that I actually read. It's so well written, and Taurus is not just a food obsessed. I love it!
AuGamer360 AuGamer360 Apr 19, 2016
An if u want you can check out my new book about zodiacs. Ps- I'm a beginner so plz forgive me if u don't understand
thestorygirl223344 thestorygirl223344 Sep 30, 2016
I'm so hurt because I live in New York but I don't really care now. >3>
deadwolfs deadwolfs Sep 12, 2016
Wait I'm confused are the zodiac signs moving to New York or London??????
Daughter_of-Athena Daughter_of-Athena Jan 16, 2016
this is so intresting, I am an aries and why do I keep destroying things? I understand I am clumsy but ... please don't tell me we are some angry-issues pyscopath
                              anyways your story seems quite catching and I want to know more!
HorrorEenhoorn HorrorEenhoorn Jan 16, 2016
I will put up te first chapter this afternoon she said. I won't have to wait long she said. xD