Leather ~Alec Lightwood

Leather ~Alec Lightwood

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We are here for each other. Not for ourselves. 

Alec Lightwood

All rights to Cassandra Clare

I respect gay, lesbian, and bi. I wil read them and stuff but will never try it or become one myself.
I respect gay and everything I even have friends who are gay but Alec is too hot for that, I mean get us a chance bitch
And then there's those of us who just had to see such a good looking man off the market
I ship malec so hard but i like the books when alec is ether bi or straight
I respect gays, their rights. I even read fanfictions about them, But you have to agree Alec Lightwood is too Sexy to be gay😉👌
There's people like that in the world? Im hella new to the mortal instruments but i loved malec before i loved jace and clary