Smile for the Camera! (Self-insert, Undertale)

Smile for the Camera! (Self-insert, Undertale)

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'Prodigy-chan' By Cringeweeb Completed

She fell, she died. She's reborn and she's back.

Resemblance Part II.

Attention: If the reader is still yet to read the first part (Resemblance (Sans x Reader), then the author suggests that they should read it first. There'd be complications and confusions if the reader still read this second part without finishing or reading the first part. But, read at your own risk.

I love tornadoes!
                              But it's not really like a black hole
                              It's a vortex so it doesn't suck everything up it only picks up and puts down. Black holes pick things up and BAM their gone forever. Tornadoes are more like grinders or something...
                              Yeah I want to be a meteorologist when I get to college
Melodios Melodios Jul 26
People fond a black hole in our solar system wen the satellite broke down just some fun facts XD
our kid liberated an entire civilization while jimmy over there was probably eating. kid cant even zip up his own pants but he can build a volcano? psh, yeah right.
Cringeweeb Cringeweeb Jan 16
@Melody4146 @Hannah_the_Skeleton
                              Screenshotting your reviews for a nice collage <3
Come on me, don't let these mysterious pictures rattle your bones. 
                              (I had to)