I have 8 mates

I have 8 mates

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not_your_buisness By not_your_buisness Updated Mar 30

Jessica McLean was a ordinary 16 year old girl with normal problems  such as rude teachers fake friends and of course what she didn't think she would have to deal with was 8 sexy controlling mates

"you don't get it do you we want you not some other skank you " dante shouted

"why you could have any one you wanted why me I'm nothing special an-" i whimpered though the tears

"why cant you just accept we want you your sexy smart and you love us not our money."

" but "

"fuck this" Daniel said as he Stroud right up do me and pushed me against the wall 

"what are you-" was i all i got our before he's lips descended on mine and i forgot in a instance what we were talking about in the beginning the only thought going through my mind was how amazing it would feel if he was inside me. 

Luke must of read my mind because in a instant i was away from Daniel and in Luke's arms and half way up the stairs with the the seven of them following....

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  • incubus
  • mafia
  • menage
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TessaT TessaT Jan 28
Use grammarly.com to help you with your errors. All your sentences need to start off with a capital letter. Just a little tip. :)
Good lord they are blessed. I want them,  any body wanna help,  you get you own personal muscle man...