alight | an Arrow fan fiction

alight | an Arrow fan fiction

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#843 in Fanfiction - October 24th 2017

OLIVER QUEEN, residing Starling City's most eligible bachelor and heartbreaker, has miraculously come back to life. Thought dead many years ago, this is his time to settle old debts and right wrongs. But an unexpected turn happens when he finds someone who he can trust, someone who he believes in. In a city where everyone is after his fame and his money, will she be someone he can tell his secrets?

JULIA HAYES has a bad habit of falling for the wrong man, time and time again. Aside from romantic dilemmas and trouble at Queen Consolidated, her life is anything but adventurous. When the city's vigilante saves her, she feels a strong connection to him. The only problem - Oliver Queen has too interested Julia. Stuck between two men, who will she choose?

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Neko_Yoru Neko_Yoru Jul 02, 2017
uh um I think I'm the only one here who knows nothing about 1D
Okay... I’m so glad that you started the story this way. At first I was like... wait... is this a sequel to something? But having read the whole thing, I love the way you start it.
Coolgirly213 Coolgirly213 May 16, 2017
*starts to grab the popcorn 🍿 and coffee ☕️ * #whenyouknowyouwillbereadingallday
moncherarmour moncherarmour May 01, 2017
For all of you the book was cancelled and replaced by PUSH an arrow and flash fanfic
Official_Haz Official_Haz Nov 07, 2016
It's off to a wonderful start. **sips tea and listens to One Direction playing in the back ground**
Junk_kookie Junk_kookie Dec 27, 2016
ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!😍😍😭🙌😭😍🙌😭🙌😍😭🙌😞😍