❦ Shatter Me ( Zeref X Reader )

❦ Shatter Me ( Zeref X Reader )

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❝Somebody make me feel alive and Shatter Me❞

I felt myself changing. Turning into someone I didn't want to be. Someone people are afraid of. That scream monster at my face in range..in disgust.

That throw stones at my feet that hit me harder than bullets with all the hatred being thrown with it.

I never laughed. I never smiled the same or talked with the same tone that was always filled with happiness and excitement of the world full of life.

I just..never truly cared that much at all anymore. I was just tried of everything. Of living every painful hour of the day. Of being alone with nobody to talk to or to love.

But when I saw you and heard your voice...

You really changed me in more ways than anybody else could, haven't you....Zeref?


❧Started In February 2016

❧Finished In July 2017


Warning And Disclaimer:

 ❧Mature Language And Mature Content (Maybe)

❧Spoilers From Manga

❧I Do Not Own Fairy Tail, The Quote or any images in the cover or any chapter

*gets on hands and knees and bows* Grazie dio! Thank you god!
Sorry but can I change it to green-blue eyes plzzzz...WELP im the one reading the story so I will :)
Sorry but can I change it to green-blue eyes plzzzz...WELP im the one reading the story so I will :)
Natsu_senpias_lover Natsu_senpias_lover 20 hours ago
I just want to be the first on to say this but ALL THE DRAGNEEL BOYS ARE SO HAWT SIRIUSLY *see what I did there* THEY ARE HOTTER THAN NATSU-SENPIA'S FLAMES
TaehyungMahBoi TaehyungMahBoi Dec 03, 2016
                              ITS GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A TRIP
Lady_Of_Pandemonium Lady_Of_Pandemonium Jul 18, 2016
How do people have such fabulous vocabulary?! Not to mention the descriptivity of the whole thing?! I'm not sure if that's a word but....I love this book!!!!!! 
                              My fried is like you are reading an x reader of your brother-in-law?!(She pretends I'm married to Natsu. I wish I were.)