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Ibuki Reacts To Ships

Ibuki Reacts To Ships

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イブ気 見小田 By MissMioda Updated 12 hours ago

Slap dat title like it's Hajime's ahoge

Sorry.. -_-

Ultimate_Kiibo Ultimate_Kiibo Oct 02, 2016
Naegi x Sayaka
                              Naegi x Kirigiri
                              Naegi x Hajime x Komaeda
                              Celes x Ishimaru
I ship it like Fed-ex (how tf do you spell it???) I AM FANGIRLING SO MUCH RN OMG
Sorry to be a salty butthurt, but could you do a ship rate of an OC of mine and Souda?  Her name is Arata and she is a small inventor.
keeweechan keeweechan Jun 14, 2016
Hmm what's that BROT3 ship name again? Was it IshiMondoJisaki? Ehhh nevermind. What about Ishimaru X Mondo X Chihiro?
gb_llama gb_llama Jan 16, 2016
                              Sonia and Gundham
                              Fuyuhiko and Peko
                              Hajime and Chiaki
                              Hajime and Komeada