Hero-A Raptors MC Novel (Book 2)

Hero-A Raptors MC Novel (Book 2)

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Order of Raptors MC novels currently available on Wattpad:
1 - Original Cin
2 - Hero
3 - Legacy

Five years ago, they had branded him the Hero of the Raptors MC.  He'd picked up the pieces of his derailed life and decided to keep his head down, to avoid the spotlight that so often landed on him.  He had tried to quit Cassandra Abernethy, like he'd kicked his drug and alcohol habit to the curb...

Yet both the Raptors and Cass were in his blood.

Byron Johannson is a highly trusted and respected member in Brennan's MC, having been promoted to Road Captain.  Their old rivals, the Jackals, have crawled out of the woodwork and are dealing drugs in Raptors territory.  When an unexpected tragedy thrusts even more responsibility on his shoulders, Byron's temptation to relapse becomes stronger than ever.

The Raptors are hungry for vengeance and primed for attack.  It's up to Byron to live up to his reputation and prevent his brothers from dying.

* * * This is the second instalment in the Raptors MC trilogy. * * *
* * * Original Cin is now available on paperback / eBook, and can be read on Radish for free! See my profile for more details. * * *

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Looked him up on our good friend Google. And this man is hot. Although Bren in my mind was smoking.🔥
Beach_In_Hawaii Beach_In_Hawaii a day ago
That's why you "pining" after Cass. Cause the sex with her is better lol 😁😉 
                              Zoey seemed like a stuck up goodie two shoe. She probly just lays there not doing anything and probly not making a sound either!
Beach_In_Hawaii Beach_In_Hawaii a day ago
You need to open your eyes and realize that she will never accept your club and she is not your old lady?  If she hasn't accepted that within the past 3 years then what makes you think she will at all???
Beach_In_Hawaii Beach_In_Hawaii a day ago
Think I'm finally ready to start reading By's story. I have mixed feelings. I'm excited yet nervous for what's to come ahead!!!
Beach_In_Hawaii Beach_In_Hawaii a day ago
I don't like any of those girls. I still can't explain it but idk what it is about Zoey, I just have a bad feeling about her. And Cass, idk I just don't trust her or really like her for that matter.
Beach_In_Hawaii Beach_In_Hawaii a day ago
Cause she not the one for you bro. Like Cin said, if your eyes still wandering then you ain't found your old lady yet!