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Alone But Not Broken{Cheater Levi x Reader}

Alone But Not Broken{Cheater Levi x Reader}

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Kiana Jeager By KianaJeager Completed

This is a Cheater Levi book so yeah. 

{F/N} {L/N}. She was the sweetest girl in Scouts high. She was always smiling, Always helping people. The teachers loved, The students loved her, And her boyfriend Levi Ackerman loves her. What happens when her whole world comes crashing down? Will she still be that sweet, innocent girl that she was? Or will she change?

Why get mad and tell when you could get a hot cup of  coffee and pour it all over him. It so happened that that was a cafe.
TheHipster45 TheHipster45 Dec 03, 2016
Lolol i just remember that video from studio C xD i think it was called the valley
Xultimate_trashX Xultimate_trashX Jul 10, 2016
Fùck me I'm a badass that doesn't give a shït anymore, lol that's me irl too 😂
sonamyorshadamy2015 sonamyorshadamy2015 Jul 06, 2016
This is legit what I said when my boyfriend cheated on an online game 😄😄😄
Fandom_Lover_3465 Fandom_Lover_3465 Dec 22, 2016
Me irl: *takes a deep breath* *puts in converse, Hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans* *goes to the cafe* *sees levi* *smirks* *plays the bıtch came back by theory of a Deadman right in his ear, with speakers*
LoveMyPuppy22 LoveMyPuppy22 Dec 07, 2016
^_^ ya. The girl he was with couldn't even tell what was happening! Least it was a downgrade from me! I mean why WOULD I be hurt! Its levi, the guy who has a black bowl on his head! Oh wait I ment ''hair''