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Martial God Asura Chapter 120 &above

Martial God Asura Chapter 120 &above

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MichaelDiaz0618 By MichaelDiaz0618 Updated Jan 16, 2016

MGA - Chapter 120

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MGA: Chapter 120 - Su Mei's Fiancé

"What happened? Why is Chu Feng still not back yet!"

In a certain area in the plaza, Su Mei tightly frowned. Her eyes swept everywhere as she tried to find Chu Feng.

"Don't worry. With his cultivation, as long as he doesn't enter that area, he would not have any troubles within the Ghost Horn Forest. I'm sure that he's a bit too greedy, and for better achievements, he must still be hunting Ghost Horn Beasts."

Su Rou stood next to Su Mei while wearing a white skirt. She stood up elegantly and every single frown or smile could hook one's soul. She was extremely attracting. No matter where the sisters went, they would become the focal point of everyone's eyes. They would move the males' heart and cause jealousy for the females.

"Sister Su Rou, Mei'er, long time no see!"

An extremely magnetic voice rang out and a very handsome, beautiful young man walked over. He was holding a fan in his hand and w...

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