Dream and Destiny:The Saga of Love, Faith and Betrayal. *Editing*

Dream and Destiny:The Saga of Love, Faith and Betrayal. *Editing*

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When five year old little sanyukta met this little boy with gaps in his teeth, she never knew that he's going to be the love of her life. soon the girl and boy grew up into young adolescents, with dreams, more or less alike. they were now like rail track that runs parallel but never meets, chasing their their dreams.

When the girl found a true friend for life time she never knew that they together are going to tread a tough path to soar heights.

when the girl finally got to know what the world is like and how it works. her life changed drastically...

read on further to know how the girl and boy chased their dreams to reach their destiny.

p.s.: i suck at writing blurbs. really. please don't judge the story by the blurb. kindly. :) read on. i assure. you'll love it :)

This story is an entry of #YourStoryIndia writing contest. so kindly, vote and support. am editing each chapter of this story whenever i am getting some time. i will rename the chapters i edited, so you can know which chapter is edited and which is not. . 
happy reading.

heer-singh heer-singh Mar 09, 2016
I love this song (even though the film is dangerously hilarious)!