Truth, Dare, Lies. (R-RATED)

Truth, Dare, Lies. (R-RATED)

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CookieAlert By CookieAlert Updated Jun 26, 2015

As I walked upstairs to my kitchen, I was briefly aware of someone behind me as I poured myself another cup of cider.

Before long, I felt a hand slip around my waist and up to my breast, cuping my right one.

I didn't turn around, instead I tried to guess who it was.

Hmm, Paul maybe? Nathan? Or Scott?

I felt sweet wet lips touch the back of my neck and I shivered in pleasure.


Definately Scott.

*Lily Middleton is a 17 year old girl who's content with her life. She's got the looks, she's got the popularity, and she's got 7 of her guy best friends lining up to have casual no-strings-attached sex with her. Until one day, she accepts a dare given to her by one of the 'guys', a dare that's nearly impossible, a dare that includes seducing the most dorkiest guy in school. As she sets off to complete her challenge, she finds herself in a web of love, hate, betrayal and lies within her 14 strong group of best friends, and Luke- the nerd. 


JennaSky9 JennaSky9 Jul 07
I hope they have the same pin number cause that's a lot of numbers lmaoo
ellie_woods ellie_woods Apr 20, 2016
Yea this isn't my kind of book so I'll be leaving. I can't handle ho central. It's not much of a turn on when they're all whores
ThinkAboutItBoo ThinkAboutItBoo Mar 27, 2016
Why is she such a bully OK I like the sex part about the friends but she  a straight up bully
ellie_woods ellie_woods Apr 20, 2016
Eh my sister has (natural) DD and they aren't that big. And a 30DD is like the smallest of the DD's
tahnee_xox tahnee_xox Dec 27, 2016
Um. Not trynna be completely rude but why does she have to be a straight up bitch? Especially to the nerdy girls
ThinkAboutItBoo ThinkAboutItBoo Mar 27, 2016
I wish I hade friends like this but at the same time mines aren't so hot lol