Truth, Dare, Lies. (R-RATED)

Truth, Dare, Lies. (R-RATED)

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As I walked upstairs to my kitchen, I was briefly aware of someone behind me as I poured myself another cup of cider.

Before long, I felt a hand slip around my waist and up to my breast, cuping my right one.

I didn't turn around, instead I tried to guess who it was.

Hmm, Paul maybe? Nathan? Or Scott?

I felt sweet wet lips touch the back of my neck and I shivered in pleasure.


Definately Scott.

*Lily Middleton is a 17 year old girl who's content with her life. She's got the looks, she's got the popularity, and she's got 7 of her guy best friends lining up to have casual no-strings-attached sex with her. Until one day, she accepts a dare given to her by one of the 'guys', a dare that's nearly impossible, a dare that includes seducing the most dorkiest guy in school. As she sets off to complete her challenge, she finds herself in a web of love, hate, betrayal and lies within her 14 strong group of best friends, and Luke- the nerd. 


Yea this isn't my kind of book so I'll be leaving. I can't handle ho central. It's not much of a turn on when they're all whores
Why is she such a bully OK I like the sex part about the friends but she  a straight up bully
Eh my sister has (natural) DD and they aren't that big. And a 30DD is like the smallest of the DD's
I wish I hade friends like this but at the same time mines aren't so hot lol
Jazmyne_B Jazmyne_B Nov 11, 2015
If Shannon is working there is only 13 of them eating so why is the order still for 14 people
OMGitsDaniris OMGitsDaniris Jun 29, 2015
Wow their so nice. I bet they appreciate their parents and give food to the homeless as well.