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Falling for You

Falling for You

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misha_meesh By misha_meesh Updated Jun 07, 2016

Everyone on the team was in the club room changing after a successful day of practice. Kageyama and Hinata triumphantly completed their new quick after a long week of trying with fail.

Hinata glanced over at Kageyama, who was putting his things in his gym bag. He was so happy that they completed the quick.

Kageyama waited at the door for Hinata to finish changing so they could walk home together. He saw Hinata looking at him and partially yelled "Oi! Hinata. Let's go hurry up." 

Hinata nodded and grabbed his stuff, walking out of the club room with a huge smile on his face, Kageyama behind him. They both began walking home with slight smirks on their face. The new quick was a success!


Hinata's POV

While Kageyama and I walked home, I kept glancing over at him, trying to see if he was as excited as I was. 

He eventually noticed and asked, "What the hell are you doing, dumbass?" He made a little tsk sound at the end of his sentence. 

I smiled a huge smile and started jumping up...

^Literally me every dāmn time trying to start up a conversation
- - Dec 05, 2016
Wtf how tho your hair is short af and it's your BAG zipper what
kurama_ninetails kurama_ninetails Nov 23, 2016
OMG I have absolutely no idea how many times I have gotten my hair stuck in a zipper, and let me tell you, with hair as long as mune, it HURTS!
66Jinxed66 66Jinxed66 Jan 02
*Sigh *Yeah yeah we get it he is so hot he could boil waterspeaking of that where's my tea *searches house * found it .*drinks tea *
Read that as quickie and I was just like
                              Well that escalated quickly😂
- - Dec 05, 2016
Is it bad I imagined Hinata leaning close to Kageyama's pants zipper while undoing it and getting his hair stuck xD