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♡ LOVESICK ♡ (Willdip)

♡ LOVESICK ♡ (Willdip)

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Gore Honey By creepsipan Updated Apr 19

Will was never used to a break for even a short, sweet fraction of a second. Dipper had abused him since the day the contract was made and nothing could ever change what has been done; nothing except the sadly lovesick side of Will. All he wanted was to make Dipper happy.. Even if it meant dying for him.

(cover by DarkCatz on deviantart. Also, imagine that Dipper and Mabel are more grown up. This story will have dark themes and smut etc. Be wary.)

6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 Dec 30, 2016
I literally just had a conversation with an author about Dipper 'demonstrating' (having) sex and other things a smol bean like Will shouldn't know about so I'm already mad at him for taking his vCard so now Dipper in on my shït list
6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 Dec 30, 2016
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! %1 milk is literally %99 water and %1 milk. It's nasty. Also Earl Grey smells like fruit loops
rauranabet rauranabet Jul 01, 2016
Finally... a writer who knows how to use proper grammar and punctuation.....
FandomGirl1101 FandomGirl1101 Jul 10, 2016
Okay, so the title reminds me of the title of a book, that me and my friend saw the trailer for a couple of years ago. We watched it over and over just singing the song... "Lovesick; A broken mess. Lovesick; Love me any less..." Just over and over... XD Wow, we needed help.
Omg this is amahzang!!! ^•^ (I know it's amazing but I just like saying it like that)
lexington05 lexington05 Apr 22, 2016
This my friends is how my brain processes things...
                              *inside brain*
                              Earl gray tea!!!
                              Ciel phantomhive!!!