Cry Baby [ Adrien Agreste / Chat Noir X Reader ]

Cry Baby [ Adrien Agreste / Chat Noir X Reader ]

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RyutoKishatu By RyutoKishatu Updated Oct 15, 2017

All your life, you have been a crybaby, forced to live in a Dollhouse, doing whatever it takes to avoid a Sippy cup. But then, you went to ride on a Carousel, and reunited with a peculiar blond Alphabet Boy. When the urge to spill your secrets to him nearly drives you nuts, you wanted to wash your mouth with Soap.  It wouldn't hurt if you just removed his Training Wheels, right?  Maybe you could invite him to your Pity Party, and have a nice game of Tag, you're it. Get some Milk and Cookies while you're at it. And if Chloé ever gets in the way, Pacify Her. Whenever you feel insecure, take some advice from Mrs. Potato head.

But... Oh, goodness- don't ever let him realize that you're a Mad Hatter.

(I shall love anyone who understands what's behind this story. Besides Adrien/Chat Noir, a certain someone has inspired me to write this ~ also, I do not own anything. I originally started this in Quotev and thought I'd put this put in Wattpad, too.)

[WARNING! Story contains Dark Themes. Plus, there are certain triggers here. Do NOT read unless profanity easily offends/upsets you.]

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4kittty 4kittty Apr 04, 2017
Melanie is my life I love her music and I could go on and on about it I WILL GIVE THIS BOOK A VOTE ON EVERY CHAPTER :) 
Orange_Matsu Orange_Matsu Mar 16, 2017
As soon as I saw the words Doll House I knew exactly what inspired u
_Crazy_Panda1201 _Crazy_Panda1201 Aug 06, 2016
lets all have a tea party and have cookies and milk with the mad hatter, ill bring the cake :P
Haiboohowudoin Haiboohowudoin Aug 21, 2016
Yo the boys that were in my fourth grade class did not act like Adrien. They said perverted things and made fun of the teacher. My wonderful life 😒
jayjaylover jayjaylover Nov 02, 2016
Melanie Martinez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SindrianMagi SindrianMagi Aug 13, 2016
                              BUT YOU DONT F***ING CARE!!!
                              CRY BABY CRY BABY,
                              SO YOU LAUGH THROUGH YOUR TEARS!!!