She's Mine

She's Mine

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🌹A R I 🌹 By ayyarii Updated May 09

Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Harry Styles fanfic 
lots of smut
so if you dont like dirty kinky smut than dont read


Who will Ariana chose


Justin Bieber

"Do you wanna go inside." I asked biting my lip hopping he would say 'yes'

"Sure." he smirked. He just killed the mood, making me blush harder. "YOURE GROSS." I said getting out. I waited only thirty seconds. "Are you coming." He smirked. "I don't know if you can make me." This sucks how in some way this is turning me on. 

"Shut up, you're so gross." I blushed. He chuckled getting out of his car. He locked it as we walked. "Beware, my place, its kind of messy. But I got Netflix!" I said exited. "OH I see, you want Netflix &Chill." he smirked. "N-no I don't, you know that you have ways with killing vibes!" I glared at him.

"Oh sorry, I'm just trying to have fun." he scoffed. I rolled my eyes. "Hey how old are you anyways?"  I asked. "I'm 23." I laughed. "Dang you're old." 

"Oh then how old are you." he asked. "18."

Harry Styles

"You never told me what you work as." He said holding the door open for me. "Well, only if you promise to keep an open mind, i really like you and i don't want my job to mess this up."

I sat down at a near bench. He did the same. I looked at my lap. "Its not a job that most agree with, i don't agree with it, i actually feel ashamed of myself," i mumbled. 

Before i could get another word out he grabbed my face with both his large hands, and forced me to face. "Just tell me, love." 

I sighed. "I, er um..., i work at the strip club that we were
 near last night." I looked back down at my lap. "I'll do anything for a better job but, it pays me really good and..." 

"You know, i need an assistant. You can take the job if you want to." He stroked my cheek. "And the pay is not bad"I didn't go to college though." I played with my fingers.

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