My Many Mishaps

My Many Mishaps

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Lauryn "Lynx" Lizard By lizard1600 Updated Oct 13, 2016

Everybody make mistakes, right? I seem to be especially prone to making them.. Everything from falling out three story windows to win a game of dodgeball, to riding a shopping cart down a five mile hill. Somehow, I manage to get myself into a lot of strange scenarios.

I don't know how I get into some of these situations, but I do know this: These are just a few of my many mishaps.

Enjoy my screw-ups.

Cringeworthy? You wanna talk about cringeworthy?
                              -SpongeBob narrator voice : Five years later-
                              And that's my entire lifu.
AdastraelGenesis AdastraelGenesis Apr 05, 2016
If it makes you feel any better, if I tried Rollerblades they'd just kinda burst into flames. I'm not sure what would happen for such a thing to occur, I just know that that's what would happen.
AbrahamLugoTavarez AbrahamLugoTavarez Sep 13, 2016
The title of this chapter alone put me in a much better mood.
                              "Rollerblading to get ripped"
                              You're awesome.
NotNormalFan NotNormalFan Jul 14, 2016
                              CUZ THAT HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE AND THE.......
Picture a average-looking-girl who talks to herself,has no friends,loves music and writes on Wattpad because no one understands what I write because it's "Too fancy" then I'm like "Bruh,GET SOME GLASSES BEFORE I KNOCK YOU OUT!THIS IS CLEAR WRITING!!!!!"
AdastraelGenesis AdastraelGenesis Apr 05, 2016
Middle school you sounds like they could totally just take over the school with such an appearance. All would fear such a being!