Grindr (Markiplier x Male!Reader) [SLOW UPDATES]

Grindr (Markiplier x Male!Reader) [SLOW UPDATES]

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gayiplier By GiveMeYourKidney Updated Feb 11

"Grindr" ~ Fanfiction
Markiplier x Male!Reader

ғᴏʀ ᴍᴀʟᴇ ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀs

↬  After Mark is sick of being single for so long, he downloads an online dating app made for homosexual men called Grindr. He downloaded it only to meet a man with the username, (U/N).

Hirpadurp Hirpadurp Apr 13, 2016
(or you know, pop, for us Canadians *i know that not just Canadians use pop ;)*)
ShaddowJacksepticeye ShaddowJacksepticeye Apr 26, 2016
                              Guess what 
                              Nor is in my YouTube name
                              Ash nor Ashlee
i69ShadesOf42 i69ShadesOf42 Jun 23, 2016
Green hair, cuz that what color my hair is. Lol. I wanted blue.
ShapeShifter8745 ShapeShifter8745 Jul 25, 2016
I really don't like the bitterness of coffee so does anyone have any recommendations for something like this??
i69ShadesOf42 i69ShadesOf42 Jun 23, 2016
I am a female, planning to have an operation done to be a male, so Imma read this. Yes. I likey :>>>>>
Amy_Ships_Everything Amy_Ships_Everything Sep 17, 2016
Anyone else a girl here? I came just to see how many boys there are on WattPad XD