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Obsessed with Perfection

Obsessed with Perfection

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Elles_wonderland By Elles_wonderland Completed

"If I asked you to name everything that you love, just how long will it take for you to name yourself? " His words made my knees weaken, my breathing faltered 
"That's the thing Liam, how can I?  How can a girl who will never be good enough love herself?  I questioned as my back hit the wall
"Ah, see that is where you're wrong love, how can a girl like you not love yourself?
Two Tainted hearts
Two different people 
Two different stories
Too many haunting secrets

Omg we will NEVER use that theorem but I will ALWAYS remember it because that's the only thing I could remember when I took the state test and Slope Intercept and Point Slope
Same my hair fk long but then i shrinks up on my dam shoulder🔫
xsimbababyx46 xsimbababyx46 5 days ago
She's trying to answer his question with another question and the answer is technically no
I definitely have a lot of stuff to work on but I can say that my turn out is pretty nice
Rosaonizuka Rosaonizuka Apr 17
When free food is involved there's need for questions but ok...
BlackMeddow BlackMeddow Sep 05, 2016
Hobbies, habbits, love interest favorite this and that..  you could say a lot