The Ghoul and The Investigator (Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction)

The Ghoul and The Investigator (Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction)

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MissingInAction By BlackHairedKaneki Updated Jun 08, 2017

What if Kaneki had defeated Jason, but was too hungry and weak to escape? When CCG Investigator Amon found him, bloodied and frail. Amon takes the ghoul back to his apartment, fearing the boy's survival. He soon begins to fall for the quiet one eyed ghoul.... 

BoyxBoy, Duh. Don't like, don't read :P
May contain slight smut in later chapters, idk. Very Fluffy! Just warning you now!

Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Ghoul, or any of the characters

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mangareadergirl13 mangareadergirl13 Apr 11, 2017
I'm not actually a shipper of Amoneki(romantically) but this is pretty funny!
hapyhappiness hapyhappiness Dec 31, 2017
I’m as straight as a rainbow if you don’t count the times I’m a girl
grunge_girl_7 grunge_girl_7 Jan 16, 2017
Johnnie: how can someone be BAD at sex?
                              Shannon: they could just be flopping on you like a fish.
limbella02 limbella02 Jan 15, 2017
Welp...Amon, you do know Imma get some ingrediants and cooked them on you? Cuz your face is burning like crazy.
                              Amon: What! No!
                              Jacy: Too late
InsaneMukade InsaneMukade Feb 15, 2016
THIS WAS SO CUTE I LOVE IT AAAA!! I need to read the other chapters now :3
99930D 99930D Dec 30, 2016
Me: *threw an egg an bacon at Amon*
                              Amon: The hell did you do that for?!
                              Me: What? You said you could fried an egg on your face, so might as well save the gas and make breakfast the eco-friendly way. *Gets plate and scoop the egg and bacon from Amon face and eat it.*