The Color of You ~ zosan (One Piece WA 2017)

The Color of You ~ zosan (One Piece WA 2017)

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Lj-kun By madhatter_85 Completed

A.U.~ You only see black and white UNTIL you recive the first touch from your soulmate. Then, color blooms before your eyes in a vivid flood it circles around you.

The catch? You lose color when the love dies.

Zoro has already seen color, and lost it.

Sanji has never seen color, and doesn't believe in it.

[Completed 2/28/16]

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Nazirah14 Nazirah14 Sep 12, 2017
A dead mummy robin . a dead robin . poor dead robin but zosan is real . we can't have you alive. Sorry dead robin . lol
vixeninsanity vixeninsanity Dec 05, 2017
i really like robin since she’s like an older sister and mature. butttttt OH HELL NO zobin. is Zosan now gtf out robin.
sheer52719 sheer52719 Jul 23, 2017
I thought see was alive but then I read this and I was spooked
iciclesthecat iciclesthecat Nov 04, 2016
This is a genius story. I started one but I'll never finish. I loved this I look forward to more.
justamigraine justamigraine Jan 28, 2017
Omg I love what she said about flowers ;-; 
                              That made this 100% more sad
BoopKittyKat BoopKittyKat Oct 11, 2016
Oh geez ;-; don't worry you'll meet Sanji and then magic will happen