Yona Of The Dawn: The Purple Dragon {OC Fanfiction}

Yona Of The Dawn: The Purple Dragon {OC Fanfiction}

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RenSenpai By RenSenpai Updated Jul 18

Purple haired girls POV


 I broke a little twig off my apple tree. I was breaking off the dead branches in order for my ripe fruits to healthily arrive in spring. 

Winter near my cottage can be disastrous, but it is also beautiful. The white blanket of snow not only covered the ground, but my cottage roof, and the tree tops. But what most beautiful was the freezing fog. It not only fills the air in a cold white fog, but freezes limbs of trees to create artistic sheets of ice crystals.

     After awhile of breaking branches from my fruit trees, I started to walk home. Before I got to my cottage, I decided to stop by my strawberry patch. 

"Shoot!" I thought aloud. About half of my strawberry patch was completely dead. I picked the dead plants and put them in my basket along with the branches. I checked my fishnet cover that stood over my berry bushes, to see if there were any holes or rips in the fabric.

     Finally I was done, and I was really heading home. I live in a ...

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