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What You Say vs What You Mean

What You Say vs What You Mean

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jake patterson By jakepatt Updated Jan 04

We never say what we mean.
cover by thefavechildofapollo

Fandomizer_hasARMY Fandomizer_hasARMY Sep 17, 2016
I would wait until someone smells it.
                              Then when they say something, I would say I can't smell anything so it was probably you.
                              Then I would quickly change the topic.
DcOmnitrix11 DcOmnitrix11 Jul 17, 2016
Me: *fart* *struggles to keep a serious face on*
                              Friend: you! You smell that?!
                              Me: *walks away to avoid accusation*
FarhanahAmir FarhanahAmir Aug 11, 2016
I'd awkwardly lift my hand in the car id it was a family trip.
CreativeEnchantress CreativeEnchantress Dec 16, 2016
I would just wait and see if anyone smelt it and says that was me.
                              If they do I will say
                              "Um...yeah~ that was me..."
                              And I would look away feeling embarrassed
                              True Fact:I did that like once or twice now in my class...
PotatoNamedFailure PotatoNamedFailure Feb 14, 2016
At the time I pass gas id throw a handful of confetti behind me and whisper "secretly a unicorn"
Jamless_Carat Jamless_Carat Jun 27, 2016
I always start to laugh and shout: "DO YOU SMELL THAT??? YES IT WAS ME!!!"