Little Abused Runt Mate

Little Abused Runt Mate

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An intoxicating scent filled my nose, and I soon found myself wanting more. 'Mate! Mate is here!' Sam, my wolf, howled.

The scent got closer. "A-Alpha! She is just a runt!" I look up to see a frantic man next to the most attractive man I have ever seen. 

His eyes widen. One word came out of his mouth as he stared at me. "Mate..." He and his wolf said at the same time. And this time I knew.... I wasn't ever going to be free...

Meet Carter, a pack runt who was abused by the pack. She was taught she would never have happiness..

Meet Xander, an Alpha who grew up with a hatred of rouges and a loving family. He had always dreamed of finding his mate..

Will Xander mind that Carter is a rouge, look past that, and love her? Or will he abuse her like she thinks he will?

  • abused
  • alpha
  • mate
  • runt
  • werewolf
MintyMittens MintyMittens Jul 24, 2017
Wow they just completely ignore her when she says to call her Carter..
Is my new favorite character if anything happens to him I will die
Savag3Und3rC0v3r Savag3Und3rC0v3r Oct 28, 2017
lifeofCrystal lifeofCrystal Jan 29, 2017
Hmmm.....the prolouge is epic I wonder how the main story will be m eager to find out
Keylae11 Keylae11 Oct 09
Not trying to hate but instead of wander how about thander because it’s a common mistake kids make when speaking