Taken from the Past || Completed

Taken from the Past || Completed

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Mary By siriusly_a_queen Completed

||Contains SCORBUS boyxboy (Because that ship is the best)||

-This story has nothing to do with the plot from the cursed child. I wrote this before that was published.-

Lily Luna was a talented for her age. Intelligent, beautiful, an amazing seeker, and a Daddy's girl. Lily at age thirteen gets sent back to 1995, with no immediate way to get back to 2022.

Problems from her childhood arise.

Will she be able to beat them this time?

||Completed April, 2016||

*all belongs to JK Rowling, except the storyline is mine. Copyright *

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NerdyGryffyndor05 NerdyGryffyndor05 Sep 18, 2017
Throne of glass (I've only read the first one)
                              The Red queen series...
Duckseamail Duckseamail Jun 23, 2017
the prisoner of Azkaban or the cursed child(I know it has plot holes but I still really like the story, except I think scorbus is better than scorose)
GinnyMcCrae2002 GinnyMcCrae2002 May 21, 2017
Either Safely Home, Deathly Hallows, PoA, or Heartless. I can't choose.
thefangirlofhp thefangirlofhp Apr 26, 2016
I am more than willing to help you with anything if you wish
That_Ravenclaw_Chick That_Ravenclaw_Chick Dec 26, 2016
Either Ps or Cos because nobody important dies and Hinny is first introduced.
HinnyRomione1ove HinnyRomione1ove Dec 29, 2016
Could you tell how old and what house they r in? - sorry for the criticism