The Sky's the Limit: SkyBrine and Enderlox

The Sky's the Limit: SkyBrine and Enderlox

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The myths vary across the land. Some foretell the chaos and destruction that the one with empty eyes will leave. Other warn of the demon from another world, who will kill without remorse in its quest to restore order. 
  When the paths of a very abnormal Spawn and an assassin with a strange power cross, their lives instantly rocket into an unforeseen adventure that throws them into situations and friendships that only add to their growing list of questions, including why they're being hunted down by a person who would rather see them in a pool of blood than let them live another day. 

{Increasing violence and mild Skylox as the book progresses.}
[I do not own the characters of SkyBrine and Enderlox. Cover done by yours truly.]

WARNING: The first few chapters aren't well written and are very short. They also have several author's notes at the end that you can mostly ignore (minus the one about the art).

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ever00567 ever00567 May 10, 2017
Is it sad to read this again just because I have nothing else to do XD plus this is one of the best books I have ever read so yeah :3
Holy moly- you’re such a good writer aaaa? I already feel giddy with this. This’ll be f a n t a s t i c
*Devil comes after you*
                              AAH *Chants effective spell that doesn't work*
                              Dang, what to do now. Oh, I know, ill use the weapon BROOM!
First I opened my eyes
                              Then I felt such a strange breeze
                              I had travelled to a world
                              Made of blocks
                              Totally unbeknownst to me...
Is this the au wear sky's evil side is in the amulet and if he takes it off the evil side comes out?
BeccaWise4 BeccaWise4 May 24
I literally have about 5 books that I've gone through (and have nowhere near finished!) and I keep getting distracted by all the new books when I change chapters on my phone ;-;