Black Girls Need Love Too... [Book 1]

Black Girls Need Love Too... [Book 1]

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Surrounded by a family full of lights skins, 18 year old Yanni has heard countless times  that she's not brown but "black" while  her light skin kin is "golden", a wonderful creamy caramel color. Raised with conceptions favoring light skin over dark skin, Yanni enters college wanting to start anew. 

No more light skin vs dark skin. 

No more light skin equals beauty and dark skin equal unattractive. 

Instead she has creates her own equation: dark skin equals me.  

Adrian Revels, a white blue eyed boy, an artist in the making quickly sees behind her facade of confidence, snarky remarks and behind the walls she built firmly in stone over the years. The first to see beyond the color of her skin. Will he be the one to break those walls down and show her that ALL black is beautiful?

But will everyone be so accepting and could she possibly open her heart to a white guy, when the guys of her own race don't want her?

Tay_Leee Tay_Leee Jul 01
Most urban stories 
                              Girls are light skin with long hair, mixed, bad a$$, perfect, big butt and boobs 
                              So I'm glad I have this to read ❤️👏🏾❤️
Can't wait to read honestly I'm tired of reading those same descriptions of light skins nice to see somethung fresh, so Kudos to you boo👏 much love from Illinois 💕💕
I hate the fact that people are in a space where they have to hate their own skin. It sucks
                              Dark skin girls are so georgeous, sighh!!! Every black woman is beautiful
Thank you for writing this because there was a time that I felt like this and it's people like you that help so many black girls overcome these issues. ❤
What the heck? Girl get slapped...
                     the face....
                              ....with a brick...
Kristol83 Kristol83 Jul 05
Loving the introduction...know I'm going to enjoy this story.