Black Girls Need Love Too... [Book 1]

Black Girls Need Love Too... [Book 1]

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Surrounded by a family full of lights skins, 18 year old Yanni has heard countless times  that she's not brown but "black" while  her light skin kin is "golden", a wonderful creamy caramel color. Raised with conceptions favoring light skin over dark skin, Yanni enters college wanting to start anew. 

No more light skin vs dark skin. 

No more light skin equals beauty and dark skin equal unattractive. 

Instead she has creates her own equation: dark skin equals me.  

Adrian Revels, a white blue eyed boy, an artist in the making quickly sees behind her facade of confidence, snarky remarks and behind the walls she built firmly in stone over the years. The first to see beyond the color of her skin. Will he be the one to break those walls down and show her that ALL black is beautiful?

But will everyone be so accepting and could she possibly open her heart to a white guy, when the guys of her own race don't want her?

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destiny178 destiny178 Jan 05
Her and my mother are polar opposite. My mom is light and I'm darker and my mom wants to be dark so bad. She claims she's darker than me... but she's really not she just wants to be😂😭
Karmel75Karmel Karmel75Karmel Aug 26, 2017
I like the intro, makes me hungry and curious to see what's next. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this journey with you
Sweet_as_a_rose Sweet_as_a_rose Apr 11, 2017
I can't say nun cuz my mom uses but she doesn't pester me or anything.  But don't prefer it
LadyJ2195 LadyJ2195 Oct 18, 2017
😭 that’s said that her own mom would want her to use that. That stuff burns Ik from experience.
LadyJ2195 LadyJ2195 Oct 18, 2017
In her mother’s defense, not trying to defend it, but darker skin is seen as unwanted and ugly. Jobs hire lighter skin girls and darker skin girls usually work in fast food. At least down here in my small southern town. If you want a leg up, better be as light as a brown paper bag.
meekyleia meekyleia Jun 30, 2017
This story is already cutting deep and it's only the first page......I love it.