My High-school Bully (GxG) (Lesbian Story) [ON HOLD]

My High-school Bully (GxG) (Lesbian Story) [ON HOLD]

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┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻ By EndyPoTahToe Updated Aug 19, 2016

Meet Olivia Grace Morgan. She's a reliable, smart, and sweet person that been raised up from a rich family. 
She's popular girl in her school that makes girls want to be friends with her. While the boys are trying to flirt with her and even teachers are admiring her for being a good student. 
But only one girl she knows, knowing that there is someone hated her and also bullying and no other than a girl named. 

Her only bully, "Xena Eva Scarlett".

Meet Xena Eva Scarlett. She's a type of person that people don't want to mess with and also for being a troublemaker. 
And there is one thing on her mind that irritates her the most. Which is the popular girl "Olivia Grace Morgan". She doesn't know why people are so into her or why she dislike her. 
What's irritates her even more is seeing some boys talking with Olivia that makes her dislike it if she sees or hear talking to her. The only way to remove her irritation is to bully her.
 Will she continue to bully her? Or will she change her feelings towards her?
Find out more of the journey of Olivia & Xena's Story 


Author's Note: So this is my first time writing a book and I hope this book will be a good book to read even tho I have no experience of writing a book before haha. I'll try my best to write a good (gxg) book for you guys and hoping that you enjoy reading it. And thank you for your time to read "My High-school Bully (gxg)". 

*The cover is made by mxyako*

©EndyPoTahToe 2016

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gotthemzo gotthemzo Nov 11, 2017
I swear if Dawn is BLACK. I don’t like youuuuu!!!!
                              That sure as h e l l is NOT how any black person or any teenager in general sounds like
gotthemzo gotthemzo Nov 11, 2017
PSA brought to you by.... A Black person!!!🙆🏾💁🏾🙅🏾
ivegotasweettooth ivegotasweettooth Dec 27, 2017
Give Dawn to me. I'll make her happy... lol 😄😅😍😍😍😍 Pretty please?
hyperMLToPB hyperMLToPB Jun 17, 2017
                              I WANT A LADY BULLY TO LIKE MEEEH
                              even though our school doesnt have one ;-;
PersonalPages PersonalPages Sep 07, 2017
Man tbh if my bully looked at me like that I would probably smile and then give her the finger...
ariellazenny ariellazenny Oct 17, 2017
Yassssss bisssh its hot that where all the hot bitches come from like me