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The bet // phan

The bet // phan

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potatoqeen By potatoqeen Completed

Phil bets that he can bang the cute ace waiter Dan. Falling in love was not part of the plan.

Saying "Oi mate" is a completely normal phrase for me to say and I blame it on phanfics.
I cried of laughter in Social Studies when I read the description
crazymak316 crazymak316 Feb 13
Oh my fricken god...I can not tell you how much I relate to this. When I came out as asexual, so many people asked me if I was like a Jesus fricken Christ, no!! I'm not like a fricken plant! Nor do I reproduce asexually like jeez.
I mean the "what that means" is not that rude bc some ppl genuinely dont know, the other things are r00d as hell
Using 'whom' correctly, like you just did, is not something I see enough of. 
                              ...Carry on.
CarpeOmnious CarpeOmnious Dec 15, 2016
                              (•-•)/ hi, my name is [dan]
                              \(•3•)/ [...]