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Blackened Blood

Blackened Blood

21.9K Reads 1.8K Votes 9 Part Story
ᴀ ʟ ʟ ɪ By eosophobic Updated Jun 29, 2016

She was the heir to the bloody throne.
And at the end, she was the slaughterer of her own blood.


She had bitter white hair, eyes like shattered bone, and the blood of monsters.

In a land tarnished by war, soiled by hate and filled with the gore of blame, Avarice is an abomination. Being born from an Ezrak and a mortal was bad enough, but when her mother was Bitten by a demon just before birth, Avarice gained the blood and curse of the monsters, and the forever shunning of both sides of the war.

Avarice stays to the shadows, but her inner monster is writhing up within her. She tries to hold her demons back, but sometimes, during the blackest hours of the night, she lets go. Sometimes, it just feels so good to be bad - doesn't it?

As the war looms to an end, swords clash underneath the moonlight, and demons thirst for blood as the dead slowly begin to pile.


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shayebay shayebay Jul 08, 2016
your graphics are gorgeous omg I want to stick this to my wall. not to mention this playlist contains so many of my fav songs!!
monica_love_books monica_love_books May 08, 2016
I had the same idea as you! For my vampire story I made my main female character definitely not the good and perfect hero everybody always reads about, because everybody has flaws even if we won't admit it...
soniasee soniasee Aug 14, 2016
jakskdndbdhfjdkd EVEN YOUR MUSICAL TASTE IS AWESOME! I love Halsey more than I can say ...and Sia is Queen 😭😭
ShadowedRain ShadowedRain Jun 26, 2016
Do you know how much I struggle with playlists? Especially when it comes to fantasy novels? The fact that you came up with one is beyond amazing. Totally going to listen to all these songs while reading the book 😊
AlmostOvertheRainbow AlmostOvertheRainbow Aug 05, 2016
Would it be alright if I 'stole' your idea of creating a playlist for my story? Also, those songs are FAVORITES <3 and the playlist graphic is amazing!
viyalei viyalei Dec 26, 2016
I have too many books I'm behind in reading...GOOD THING THERE'S WINTER BREAK