ripples // teen wolf [2]

ripples // teen wolf [2]

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slime gargoyle By bellerose12 Updated Feb 14, 2017

"All it takes from you is a single drop of water to send ripples throughout me, and yet you've hit me with a tidal wave."

"You've pulled me under into your depths, and now I am drowning in you and I don't even seem to mind."

"Your eyes are made of hurricanes and every second I spend away from you is like an eternity in a storm. How is it that the eye of my hurricane can only be found standing next to a girl made of wind and turmoil?"

[Teen Wolf S2]
{Book 2 in Weightless series}
cover by my ride or die @-noctuaries


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Rosiefanta Rosiefanta Dec 17, 2017
Hi! I don’t know if you’re even going to see this but I was just wondering if you’re ever going to continue this book? Don’t feel pressured to if you’re not but I just wanted to say that you’re an amazing writer and I love the first one. Thanks❤️
wonderwyatt wonderwyatt Feb 16, 2017
Honestly belle you are one of my favorite authors , you are just amazing ,each of your characters is so detailed in the perfect way 💗
doyoulikeMinYoongi doyoulikeMinYoongi Jan 22, 2017
Where do you get all these photos for your story covers at? They are so pretty!
OsoleilO OsoleilO Mar 30, 2016
I just wanted to say you are literally one of the best authors, you really go I depth in each character.
multistydiaa multistydiaa Jan 27, 2016
oh goodness. reading this made me feel a lot of things. in my chest and stummy. and my legs too for some reason but that doesn't matter
delaney_elise delaney_elise Jan 17, 2016
awe all of these comments are so epic!!! congrats babe! I love you so much!!!